Snopes Is Truly All Fake

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Snopes Is Fake

I have made this website to tell the truth, and the truth is that, the website is all fake, and should not be posted, for it gives people false hopes. I am a professor, and i have done the tests, and i have done the experiments with some of the snope "facts", and surely enough they are fake.

My Researches

For the statement, " Edison promoted the electric chair in an attempt to discredit rival Westinghouse's plans for alternating current,"

well guess again, i researched it up, and did the studies, Edison only invented this chair, for the suffering of lower class people, because he had problems in his brain, after the deaths of lower class, Edison said,"I did it because they were suffering of hunger, so i was doing them a favour," thats when he was put into jail, and doctors did the studies on him, and found out that he had " bipolar disorder and mitochondrial dysfunctions"

So he neither did this to help people or to discredit rival Westing house's plans, he was just a problemed intelligent man. So you now know that this fact is fake, and there's proof above.